Valley Center Instrumental Music

VCHS Ensembles

As members of the Valley Center High School Instrumental Music Program students are members of one of the school's largest, most respected, & important organizations.  As with any fine organization, the success of the program depends on the pride, loyalty, & cooperation of all its members.  The Instrumental Music Programs are group activities that demand dependability of the members. 

VCHS Hornet Marching Band

The Marching Band performs at all home, & state playoff football games.  The ensemble will also perform in different competitions, festivals, & parades during the fall as well.  The Marching Band is the ensemble which represents the school and instrumental music program to the largest audiences of the year.  The Drumline & Colorguard are part of the Marching Band & have their own practice schedule in addition to practices with the entire band.  Week-long auditions take place during the spring & are required for both Drumline & Colorguard.  All prospective members must audition, even if they were accepted the previous year. Auditions & Interviews are also held for Drum Major and Section Leaders.

VCHS Drumline & Colorguard

The Drumline & Colorguard are part of the Marching Band & have their own practice schedule in addition to practices with the entire band.  The Colorguard is a visual representation of the music on the football field. The Colorguard experience is like no other.  It is a visual picture alive with message & meaning.  The performers use the elements of expression, interpretive phases, & their equipment to tell a story.  Elements of drama & dance are evident throughout a member's performance

VCHS Concert Ensembles: Concert Band & Wind Ensemble

After marching season ends, students transition into the concert season.  During this season students will focus on fundamental pieces of wind literature & continue to strengthen their fundamental music knowledge.  Students may be divided into two ensembles by means of audition; the Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble for Concerts & Festivals.  The audition material will be based on scales, and/or the All-State Material for the year.  Both ensembles will perform top music literature & strive for excellence throughout the spring semester. The Full Concert Band performs together for the finale Mass Band Concert & Graduation, with the option of performing together on out of state festivals.

VCHS Pep Band

The Pep Band performs at all home & state playoff basketball games.  The ensemble is voluntary & will rehearse after school during the week up to the first home game.  This ensemble performs crowd favorites & is responsible for providing a supportive & spirit filled atmosphere for the Valley Center Basketball teams, & fans.

VCHS Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble is a voluntary ensemble which presently meets before school at 7:00 am. 

Starting in the Fall of 2015, Jazz Ensemble will be offered as a full year course. Students will need to enroll in both the MAIN Band Class & Jazz Ensemble. This ensemble focuses on jazz fundamentals & various musical styles such as funk, rock, swing, blues, etc...  Specific focus is placed on solo performance, improvisation, & stylistic interpretation specific to the jazz idiom. The ensemble also performs at a variety of community & local events along with concert performances.

Solos and Ensembles (Chamber Groups)

During the spring semester every band member will have the opportunity to put together and perform in small ensembles with the intention of performing at Regional & State Solo and Ensemble Festivals.  Performing in small ensembles can consist of playing in groups with as little as three members all the way up to groups with more than 12 members.  Performing in small groups is one of the best ways to better one’s own individual musicianship & participation in performing solos, & in small groups is GREATLY encouraged.